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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The "I was so bored that i befriended a dog" post

Yes i was that bored to visit the ulu residence of fmq to play with her dog. For the record, fmq refused to be photographed in her unglam state. For more pictures for her glamed up look, drop by her blog.

Everyone say hi to Qooki, which happened to own a blog too. (- -)''

The first abnormality i noticed about Qooki was that it doesn't bark! The only sound it made was the panting noises after running itself silly. According to fmq, Qooki will go bonkers and bark incessantly if i snap a picture of it using my flash. While i was tempted to hear Qooki barks, i was more tempted to leave the house with my limbs intact.

While Qooki seems like a full blooded canine hunk, i have serious doubts towards his sexual tendency after he started pushing his head towards my ass. Boy oh boy don't get the wrong idea, im here to make friends, and not love, with you.


fmq then proceeded to demostrate the many skills that our hunkish canine possess. Qooki can jump onto chair of varying heights, jump onto tables basically more jumping. BUT, Qooki can't shake hands!!! Dogs are supposed to lift their paws and shake hands with you, BUT QOOKI CANT SHAKE HANDS!!!!!!!!!!WTH!

Grow those short stubby hands of yours and learn how to shake hands, and i might consider feeding you. Pfft!

After some goofing around, it was time to bid farewell to Qooki. However my newfound paw friend has a queer way of saying goodbye, perhaps due to the fact that he can't lift his paws. Qooki ran circles around me and get this, CHARGE at my crotch area and station his mouth strategically at the you-know-what of mine. Being the hetrosexual and avid Lin Chi Ling fan that i am, i obviously resisted its overtures. And the result?

Someone should enrol Qooki for an anger management class.

The dejected look of Qooki after he found out that i'm straight.

So to those detractors out there who think i don't have many friends...... Eat your guts out! Im so popular that even a dog wants to friend me. v(O o)

Ps: For more pictures of Qooki, visit my flickr set.

Random Joke overheard on the radio

Glenn: Do you know who's the first male to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine?

FD: Venus Williams?

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 9:10 PM


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