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Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Another one bites the dust...."

"Dum dum dum dum... Another one bites the dust!" And so another two more nations were ousted from the World Cup, leaving the host Germany, Portugal, Italy and France to battle for the coveted trophy. While the limited amount of sleep due to NS (< 5 hours daily) meant that i'm not watching as much footy action as i would loved to, the weekend presents an opportunity to squeeze in as much action as i can in the valuable company of my friends. While the main course for the night was the England vs Portugal match, Ooof, yc, zs and james popped by my place earlier to busy themselves with a few rounds of Winning Eleven 10, which were once again dominated by Ooof.

When the actual game kicked off, we were bored by the lack of ambitions displayed by both team. We were particularly miffed with Sven Goran Eriksson's decision to play only Rooney, and depriving us of whatever remote chance of seeing Petey Crouchy doing his Robo-Crouch dance again. Throughout the game i was baying for Cristiano "Circus Monkey" Ronaldo's blood, wishing that someone will give him a good kick up his ass and also make him cry like a baby, just like what he did at Euro 2004. Instead Beckham decided to jump the queue and weeped openly after leaving the game due to an injury.

After England was reduced to 10 men, the Anglo-Saxon team was unlikely to win the game via regulation time. So after 120 minutes of full blooded yet insipid football, we were treated to a penalty shootout. Cue the last kick of the game and up steps Missy Cristiano Ronaldo. If Paul Robinson is going to make only one save for the rest of the World Cup, this is it. By now, we knew he failed and Ronaldo scored. With that successful conversion, the opportunity of seeing Ronaldo cry vanished too. Instead we were treated to scenes akin to a mass funeral procession, with the England players weeping openly.

Things got so morose that Ooof and I decided to engage in a simple game called: "Where's Walco?". The rules are simple, it's just like "Where's Waldo?" but we are searching for the elusive Theo Walcott instead. We cheered like men possessed everytime we spotted Walco on screen, though such sightings were few and far between. To those who didn't manage to catch Walcott in action, here's a picture of him getting on the wrong side of law in Germany.

Mr. Walcott, we are placing you under arrest for hogging the bench.

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