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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hope can be a powerful tool, as demostrated in the movie "Shawshank Redemption". The tagline of the movie reads: "Fear holds you prisoner. Hope sets you free."

Hope too, can be such a destructive tool. If falsely given, the effect is insidious. Its like feeding a druggie with dope even when you know that it will ultimately lead to immiment doom. To put things in perspective, its like how the Singapore Idol judges gave false hope to Joakim Gomez when he made a small stride in his vocal performance . While it was commendable on his part, it might actually got him thinking that he actually could make the cut as a singer. That, is cruelty.

My friend told me this earlier in the day :


And i told him this:


Hope can be a double edged sword, so use it responsibly.

(Not So) Random Countdown to Wubai and Zhang Zhen Yue's concert.

Recently, people around me were and some are still involved in some messy relationship issues. It's pretty obvious that i'm not a relationship guru, so all i can do is hope and wish that everything will turn out fine for those involved.

Today's featured song is 在凌晨, by Zhang Zhen Yue. It's usually in the still of the night when the minds start to run wild. I feel the song is an accurate and heartfelt depiction of the lonliness and sorrow that run through the minds of the broken hearts, emoted excellently by the errant rocker.

在凌晨 (click here for the mp3 version)

词曲: 张震岳



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