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Monday, August 28, 2006

Think happy thoughts

First Newcastle United lost. Next our new striker 10 million pounds striker, the exotically named Obafami Martins, got crocked in the 60 minutes of the match. Attempting to escape the harsh reality of the real world, i sought refuge by visitng the cyberspace only to receive brickbats on how disgusting i look. Boohoohoo....

So now i'm trying to keep my hands occupied by blogging lest i go slice my wrists. Note to self: Think happy thoughts.

Happy, albeit disgusting, Thoughts One:

Spotted this real funny scene involving a young puppy which reminded me why i love dogs so much, especially dogs like these. I was at the Eastpoint Pet Safari oogling at the puppies when i saw this particular young pup taking a crap. Immediately after relieving itself, the young pup turned over and sniffed at his steaming hot pile of crap. Then it stuck out its tongue and started savouring its own crap! Apparently the steaming pile of crap was too hot for it to handle, and it choked on its own crap. In the end, the pup vomitted out what it ate with the assistance of the pet shop owner. Tsk tsk, so boys and girls, never eat your own crap.

Happy Thoughts Two:

Technically, this doesn't really qualify as a thought. It's more like a funny joke that evokes happy thoughts. Anyway, ty overheard this on Class95's Car Tunes which i will attempt to paraphrase:

Rod: I used to have this teacher whose eyes are perfectly fine until she stepped into the classroom.

Jean: Oh, what happened when she stepped into the classroom?

Rod: She gets crosseyed.

Jean: Why so?

Rod: She can't control her pupils.

(Not So) Random Countdown to Wubai and Zhang Zhen Yue's concert.

Screw the Speak Mandarin campaign, the featured song of the day is a Hokkien ditty 心爱的再会啦 by Wubai. Not exactly the most appropriate song choice when i need to think positively. This song conjures up vivid images of a tearful parting between loved ones after repeated listens. Here's something that i'd probably told no one before, i listened to this song before i enlisted for army. At that point of time, i guess it was more about bidding farewell to my material comforts and cosy world that i was accustomed to.

Here's another thing that you probably don't know (ooh, two secrets in a day!), i intend to play this song at my funeral. I know people plan all sorts of special events, like their birthdays, romantic getaways etc, but i envisage a funeral that has my own style stamped all over it. Come to think of it, it's hard to assert my wishes when i'm six feet under ground. Anyway if i have my way, this song shall be played at my funeral unless the government decides to outlaw all dialects by the time i move on.

心爱的再会啦 (click to listen)







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