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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Battle of the Dim Sum Follies

Friday's dinner was spent at Victor's Kitchen with James, Yc and Ooof. Despite wolfing down the wanton mee at Parklane Wanton Mee, which by the way was disappointing, we were raring to help ourselves to some delicious dim sums.

When the first dish of "Lor Mei Gek" or Glutinous Chicken Rice arrived, the scene was liken to a territorial battle as the four of us let out war cries and charged in with our chopsticks.

By the time the battalion of "Har Gaos" and "Siew Mais" showed up, it dawned on us that we were fighting a losing war. It didn't take too long before the venerable James to raise the white flag and declare: " Comrades, I'm sorry to fail you guys. But I'm on my last breathe and I'm afraid that you guys have to fight the battle without me."

As my plate of "Hwah Guak Gek Fan" or Smooth Bone Chicken Rice was delivered, I was already 140% full. Despite the odds stacking before me, I valiantly stuffed my face silly with the food before me. This prompted the rest to award me the honour of "Wartime Hero".

The final wave of attack arrived in the form of deserts, the unbelievably fragrant and delicious "Kiong Chup Tun Dan" or Ginger Double Boiled Milk, I was close to foaming in the mouth. While war brings along the ugly side of humanity, it also unites soldiers as evident from movies like "Saving Private Ryan". As I was mortally wounded in the skirmish with the "Hwah Guak Gek Fan", Ooof stepped in and offered to engage the "Kiong Chup Tun Dan" on my behalf. Not wanting to implicate a comrade in the battle, I rejected his help and proceed to force spoonfuls of "Kiong Chup Tun Dan" into my overfilling gut.

As with all battles, casualties are unavoidable. After the Battle of the Dim Sum Follies, I have to acquaint myself with the digits 1-0-7 whenever i stepped on the weighing machine at the communal gym.

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posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 9:23 PM


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