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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"next time i gonna call my son yingwai"

My fyp mate phuan, not wanting to leave any traces on his work terminal, googled this url address whenever he wants to read this blog during office hours. Curious, I went to google the url and even my own name. The first url that popped up after keying my name, is the following article from singaporeangle:


Straits Times (Jan 9, 2005): Studies for master's degree delayed so he can help others

HE IS supposed to be in Melbourne to start his master's programme on Jan 20. But Mr Tham Ying Wai is delaying his studies so that he can help with Touch Community Services (TCS) International's tsunami relief efforts.

The 29-year-old hopes to defer starting the Masters in Education programme at Victoria University by three weeks so that he can join the second medical and humanitarian relief team that TCS International is sending to Ampara, Sri Lanka. He will be helping with the logistics--from cleaning up to crowd control and distributing supplies.

The first 11-member team of doctors, nurses and logistics personnel left on Friday and the second team is expected to leave 10 days after. Meanwhile, Mr Tham has been making calls, packing supplies and food rations.

The sudden deaths of his friends, John Lim, 31, and Ho Poh Yoke, 27, who were killed in a New Zealand road accident last December, have spurred him to contribute more to society. The avid rockclimber and former primary school teacher said: 'It firmed up my decision to go for the trip, even though it was going to clash with school. Sometimes we don't understand why things happen. But I believe all of us have a purpose in life and there is purpose in what I have to do right now.'

For more information, call 6377-0122 or visit


It's rare to know a Tham (there were only two in the 2003 Business Cohort), let alone one with exactly the same name. When I indicated the existence of this article to phuan, he remarked over msn:

"all yingwai are nice people.. next time i gonna call my son yingwai"

When I saw what he typed, the first thing that came to my mind was "Jialat, how much must I transfer into his bank account?". However on hindsight, ying wai might really be a good name. I had a female classmate in secondary school that is named ying wai too, though her surname is Chan. The last time I heard from her she wasn't doing any vices, so she shouldn't be doing too shabbily either. So why hesitate, go name your future child Ying Wai!

Random youtube video of the Day

Watch this shaggy haired chap play the Mario tune with two guitars! Such dexterity, makes one wonder why he doesn't invest in a piano?

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