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Monday, September 25, 2006


After Five and a half years, countless of weekends burnt doing standbys, drenched from top to toe with the undies not spared either, I've finally finished my National Service liability and reclaim my Pink IC for good. Not particularly estatic, as the elation pales in comparison to the time I disrupted for university. Whatever iota of joy probably evaporated as I trekked for 20 minutes to my bloody camp under an overcast sky while nursing yet another bout of flu.

It was a blessing that the entire battalion wasn't around, with the bulk of them at the range gunning for the marksmen award. I'm not good with saying goodbyes so their absence really saved me from some awkward moments. Thank god that I got a lift out from camp when I bumped into one of my friend who came back to run some errands. Armed with my Pink IC, I headed down to the place formerly known as "Fortress IMF" for lunch and watch in disbelief as my petite lunch companion wolfed down two big bowls of Sliced Fish soup. (O o) To cap off the memorable day, I decided to reward myself by purchasing two rare Cheer Chen's demo CDs.

While I'm finally freed from the shackles of National Service, I have also officially become an unemployed personnel. With majority of my friends already working, the pressure to land a job is starting to build up. Besides that, there is also the issue of handphone. Over the past four months, I have grown to love the low frills obiang Nokia phone that I used in camp. With the completion of NS, I have to return the phone back to my Dad and accustom myself to using the bulky gadget phone of which 90% of the functions I have yet to figure. Well, at least there will probably be more Random Pictures of the Day when I finally come to terms with that phone.

Random Picture of the Day


The people whom I spent the past 3 months with.

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