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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. Regardless of gender, we human like to appreciate things that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. But I'm unable to let the pictures do much talking here as with my cumbersome frame, it's difficult to covertly snap photos of unaware beauties and let run lest their boyfriends decide to give chase. Why not ask the gals for permission have your pictures taken together? If I am that bold, I wouldn't be sitting here lamenting about my single hood while sucking my thumb. Nevertheless, I will attempt to highlight the beauties of the Middle Kingdom with three poorly taken photos....

Yeah yeah, poor lighting condition renders this picture to be pretty worthless.

This time, taken under better conditions. Look at the complexion, so fair and flawless. Pity about the lack of figure though, Heaven is indeed impartial.

An ice cream vendor, can rival most of the celebrities in Singapore.

After a week in China I realized that on the whole, China gals are prettier compared to those found even in Japan. While the gals in Japan are fashionable and really know how to doll themselves up, the Chinese gals generally have flawless complexion with nary and blemishes (sans some freckles, which I find it to be cute) on their faces. Yes, those China gals I saw are indeed that good. Which brings me to the following point, what happened to those plain jane looking female Chinese students that are a dime of a dozen in NTU? Surely there must be a reason behind it, perhaps the Chinese government have a system that restricts good looking gals from studying overseas?

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