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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


男人不好色,就是好吃. 可是我偏偏两个都喜欢. (Men are either lecherous or gluttonous, but I'm fond of both)

Imagine the joy I experienced when I visited the land of 梅菜扣肉 (Fatty Pork stewed with pickled vegetable) and 东波肉 (Fatty Meat stewed in Chinese Wine). However I have to complain about the breakfast that the Chinese are used to. All they eat are man tous, filled with meat or vegetables. And their morning beverages consist of soybean milk which tastes like cigarette smoke and milk that tastes like water. Thank god for MacDonald and 旺旺牛奶 (WanWan Milk)!

Another note, food in China is cheap. A nice restuarant meal cost about 12 to 15 dollars per head, which is half the price of that found in Singapore. A huge part of the low cost is attributed to the lack of 15% additional costs that we are accustomed over her. (5% of GST and 10% of service charge). The lack of service charge is understandable as the service standard in China sucks to the core. At least Singapore can now ya ya papaya (brag) that their service standard is not the worst in the region.

The legendary 东波肉, 肥而不腻(fat but not oily).
Super Size Xiao Long Bao (what a misnomer). Filled with hairy crab's roe and essence!
Look at the size of this baby, it's so big that you need a straw to savour it.
Now, that's what I call xiao long baos.
Porcupine shaped Dim Sum. Kawaii neh!

Another delicious item I had while in China was 过桥米线, whereby all sorts of ingridients and lastly the mee sua are dumped into this huge bowl of steaming hot broth. While it's not an aesthetically appealing dish, the taste is surprisingly delicious.

(Not so) Random Picture of the Day

一包还比一包大! If you thought the super size Xiao Long Bao was huge, check out this Godzilla of a bao, which is named...Godzilla Da Bao!

Look at how puny the regular 大包 looked on the right. The Godzilla Da Bao is equivalent to three of the regular 大包! I wonder how I'm going to devour that monster of a bao for breakfast tomorrow.

For a comprehensive taste test of the Godzilla Da Bao, check out ieatishootipost's review on the Bao.

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