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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

: )

Most of us can't really fathom the fact that celebrities have a separate life away from the limelight. We think that their public persona extends even to what they do in their private life. When we see a comedian on the street, the first thing that come to our minds would be to ask him/her to tell us a joke. Therefore you can probably imagine the state of shock I was in when I bumped into Ericia and Ezann Lee at a dog show over the weekend, and Ericia wasn't actually wearing bikini or anything revealing!

The point I'm trying to bring across is that what we see or read about most celebrities are just a facade that they adopt in front of the public eye. What we don't know are the personal struggles that they put up with away from the intense media glare.

I'm not sure how many of you heard of Scott Adam who is the brain behind the humorous office satirical comic strip, Dilbert. Given the wittiness found in his work, I would expect that he is a "rent a joke" kind of funny person in real life. What I didn't know is that Scott Adam suffers from a rare form of speech disability that robs him of the speech function that many of us take for granted. However, he didn't let the disease bog him down as he continues to diss out his usual doses of wits through his comics and his blog entries.

When I visited his blog today, expecting the usual dosage of cynicism and wittiness, I was surprised to be greeted by a post that is stripped of his patented sense of humor. In the post titled "Good News Day", Scott Adam talked about how the disease, which his specialist rated having a zero chance for recovery, robbed him of his ability to speak, how he had to make adjustments and his struggles in trying to regain the full control of his speech ability. While I have full control over my speech abilities (sans the complaints of me stammering and sounding inaudible at times), I can fully empathize how Scott Adam feels as I have my struggles with my hearing deficiencies too.

Broaching on such a topic, the tone of the post was expectedly sombre. However, there was an uplift in the tone towards the middle of the lengthy post when Scott Adam revealed that he managed to regain a part of his speech ability when he was helping his son with a nursery rhyme two nights ago.

The last thing I expect when reading a humor site is to get all emotional, but that was what happened when I read this line : "
I still don’t know if this is permanent. But I do know that for one day I got to speak normally. And this is one of the happiest days of my life."

So if you have time to spare, do go over to his site and drop him a congratulatory or encouraging message. If you feel like it, you can also accept his invitation and describe the happiest day in your life under the post's comments section.

Cherish your health, you never know when something you take for granted will be wrest away from you.

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