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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

饼干大亨 (The Biscuit Magnate)

A week after ruining my virgin cooking baking experience (OH MY GOD!!! that sounds so corny), I'm adamant of not screwing up the second time round. To up the ante, I decided to ditch the whole cookie mix idea and prepare everything from scratch. Armed this recipe, I bought the ingredients needed for baking a simplified version of the recipe, only to realize that my kitchen is already stocked with vanilla extract, baking soda and baking powder. Never underestimate the importance of reconnaissance.

I was so busy preparing the cookie dough with my parents that I didn't snap any pictures of the preparation process, but I managed to snap the cookie dough enjoying their sauna.

At least the cookies turned out regularly shaped this time round. While it tasted somewhat like the soft and chewy cookies that are carried by Subway, it lacks the bite that traditional cookies offer. X quipped that my cookies suffer from erectile dysfunctional problems as it cannot rise up to the occasion. Maybe I should add some Viagra tablets to my cookie dough to eradicate the problem next time round.

To Famous Amos, Khong Guans, Wang Wangs of this world, remember the initial of t.y.w. I'm going to perfect my cookie making skills in no time (that's provided that I don't toast myself to crisp if and when oven explodes on me), and soon there will be a new 饼干大亨 (biscuit magnate) in the house.


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