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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Random Ejaculations

Despite the furore over whether Crocs shoes are the cause behind the recent escalator mishaps, I couldn't help but chuckle when a little boy besides me bellowed at the top of his voice to his kid sister, "Watch out, you're wearing Crocs slippers", before proceeding blazing the "evil" escalator with his imaginary machine gun.

The case of the murdered Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaariibuu, has been making headlines across the causeway. Gruesome and brutal, but what caught my attention was the pictures of the model that was inaccurately identified as the deceased model. Anyone can ID who this lady is, as I would like her to pay a visit to my dreamland. Hur hur.

Dog lovers, thank god that you aren't in China or you might see your dogs being clubbed like a piece of dirty laundry.

"Singapore's second most-read newspaper, MediaCorp's TODAY, turns 6". Factually accurate, but what's the big deal about being Singapore's second most-read newspaper when 1) there's only Strait Times as your competitor and 2) Today is distributed for free.

Yeah, Newcastle is turning the corner holding Manchester City to a draw. Mind you, we only perform for 5 minutes towards the end of the match to garner a point. Imagine how unstoppable Newcastle will be if they play football for more than 5 minutes! Woot!

My mum actually launch a tirade on Jolin Tsai after seeing how skimpily clad she was in one of her music videos. Totally unacceptable behavior, from my mum of course.

Still on the topics of music videos, Tata Young's El Nin Yo music video looked like some of the videos that I watch when no one is around. Almost everything are similar, from the settings right down to the production values. The only difference was that those actresses in the videos I watch on a regular basis, actually have slimmer figures and flatter abdominals than Miss Young.

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