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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Singapore's most-read newspaper

Besides hatching plots for world domination with Ooof (the current one involves computer games, Lin Chiling, Unee and Pamela Anderson), I also enjoy reading Singapore's top most-read newspaper and spotting mistakes that slipped by the editorial team.

The editorial team placing a disclaimer for their verbatim approach towards reader contributions for their "citizen journalism" section, Stomp. Apparently they forgot to mention that it extends to other sections too.

When I first saw this (page 16, 14th November ST Life!) event listing, I was shocked by the duration of the cycling event. It is stated that the event will last from "Tomorrow night till Sunday morning", so how many bloody rounds around the island are they going to cycle given the 4 days duration? Further down the paragraph, I read that registration closes on Friday which means some participants can actually join midway. Surely that would pose some organizational and logistic problems, wouldn't it? Doing a double take, I realize that the event actually starts on Sat; 8:30pm till 8:30am the next day. I wonder whether will any readers show up next to McDonald's tomorrow and wait for the rest of the contingent to show up?

This news blurb (page 22, 14th November ST Digital Life) would be accurate, circa 2001. However in 2001 the World Wild Fund for Nature, which uses a panda for its logo, sued World Wrestling Federation for the violating uses on the WWF acronym. The wrestling mammoth submitted meekly, like they were locked in Chris Benoit's Crossface Crippler, and acceded the rights to the animal conservation group. It just shows that muscle men are simply for no match for giant pandas.

Beware Singapore's top most-read newspaper, if you continue making such elementary error, Singapore's second most-read newspaper might just catch up with you and relegate you to being Singapore's second most-read newspaper.

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