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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ke Ikea Gia Gia

Ikea, everybody's favourite Swedish icon, became the first of the three mega stores (the other two being Courts and Giant) to open at the industrial area which is a stone throw away from the Tampines town centre. Besides providing an alternative shopping venue for Tampines dwellers like myself, it will also boost the property values in the area. Ka-Ching $$.

Given the intensive media blitz over the past two months, my curiosity got the better of me as James, yc and myself headed down yesterday to find out what's the buzz is all about.

Onboard the free shuttle bus. Packed like sardines with poor ventilation, reminds me of the bus rides from the Tekong days.

After the horrendous 30 minutes bus ride, I finally set foot on the promised land! Boy oh boy, the building is HUGE! More than twice the size of the Alexandra building.

We were stopped by the ushers as we were making our way into the main floor area. The crowd was apparently so huge that Ikea has to exact crowd controls to prevent overcrowding.

Okay, now I understand the rationale behind the crowd control measures.

Even the fearsome duos from Man United took time off from training to soak in the carnival-like atmosphere at Ikea.

Nightmare for the weight conscious.

Look at the size of those racks in the self help area!

Guess what are they queuing for?

The famed Ikea hotdogs! Pure madness!

The recurrent theme in this entry is about crowd, huge huge crowd. So unless you enjoy getting squeeze, avoid visiting Ikea Tampines until the hype dies down. Ikea, on their part, has done a good job in handling the crowd size. My only grouse, the lack of staff controlling the queue for the free shuttle bus. In the absence of crowd control, some people blatantly ignored the existing queue and resulted in a total anarchy when the shuttle bus arrived. Typical ugly Singaporean behavior. To borrow an expression from fmq, pfft!

Random Youtube Video of the Day

Eason Chan's 我什么都没有. Notice how he cries like a baby at the end of the song.Mind you this MV was shot in 1998 or 1999, way before the whole "emo" subculture was in place.

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