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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Memefying Me.

A long overdue meme tagged by Mabel a couple of full moons ago. Basically I have to list out 10 things starting with an alphabet chosen by the tagger, which in this case is C for Cute Becos. So here it goes..

Comatose in the pseudo sense of things, is the state I'm often in when I reach home from work. Which is probably also the reason behind the title of this post.

Clueless, is what I would call myself pertaining to matters of the heart.

Chris Benoit, is the name of my favourite wrestler. (Insert your own rant on how wrestling is juvenile and fake.)

Chow Yun Fatt, became my favourite actor when I saw him oozing machismo in classic John Woo flick "A Better Tomorrow".

Carebear, is a nickname which I'm adamant some of my friends have me calling me behind my back.

Chivalry, a desired quality that is sadly lacking in most men these days.

Cold, is how I feel in the office. Frostbite might one day be the No.1 killer among office workers in Singapore.

Cheebye, ranks as one of my personal favourite profanities. The Brits love their cunts, while we Singaporeans (no thanks to the army) love our cheebyes. Cheebye, is also responsible for my 15 minutes of cyber fame when a blog post written on the word "cheebye" got featured on

Cheer Chen, rocks my world. Speaking of Cheer Chen, I'm undecided whether to splash out 60 bucks on two limited edition singles released by her. The packaging of the singles is so exquisite that it will aches my heart when I have to cut it open to retrieve the CDs within.

Chiling Lin, rocks my world in a different way.

Random Good Deed of the (Yester)Day

I gave 90 cents to a young chap so he could take the bus home when all he wanted was to change his dollar coin into smaller denominations. So Ti Gong, can you kindly let me dream of the winning combination for Monday's TOTO since I'm such a nice and kind person?

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