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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Random Ejaculations

Guess who's back, back again....

The good news. I'm weighing in at 101kg at the moment, just 1.00000000000000001kg off the target that I set for myself 3 months ago. 3kg lost in the 1st month of employment. I love my job, woot!

So what is your opinions on the TV mobile ad starring Benjamin Heng of Eating Air fame? Here's mine.Who in the f*cking right frame of mind would pay money to install something so drab and irritating (till the extent that I wish I could lose my sense of sight and hearing whenever i stepped onto a SBS bus) on their laptop? The powers that be claim that they empathize and understand when they lay down the policies, someone should install the vile TV mobile onto their laptop and force them to watch the oh-so-entertaining programs. Maybe only then, they might yank the plug on this whole TV mobile shit and lower the transportation costs. So what is your opinions on the TV mobile ad starring Benjamin Heng of Eating Air fame?

The most eagerly anticipated movie of this festive season has to be Man Cheng dont know what what Jia starring Chow Yun Fatt and Gong Li. Given the ample amount of heaving bosoms in this movie, I'm going to refer this movie as the "Neh Neh Show" rather than its official title. I'm so looking forward to watching it. And here's another reason why Gong Li is a better actress than Zhang Ziyi.

Oh, did I mention 杨乃文's (Faith Yang) new album 女爵 kick ass?

Poor Guo Mei Mei. She must has offended some music industry bigwigs to be consign to singing dumb cutesy ditties for her entire music career. 老鼠爱大米 (Lao Su Ai Da Mi) was followed by that irritating cockroach song, 不怕不怕啦 (Bu Pai Bu Pai). Now she's made to assume the role of Grinch by ruining our Christmas by greeting us with her Melly Melly Klismas whenever we stepped into the MRT station.

Still on the topic of poor Guo Mei Mei, my mum commented that she looks scary with her bigger than a toydoll's pair of eyes. Donno if she can shoot lasers from her eyes or not ah..

My colleague promised me that I will tear with joy when I open her Xmas gift. Yes, I indeed teared upon unwrapping her gift, not with joy but with a sense of disbelief that I actually received a pair of boxers for my first Xmas gift. I would had been elated if it was from some young nubile chicks, and not a mother of two.

Since Christmas is all about sharing and loving, do make a trip to the Bloodbank for donation if you do not faint at the sight of blood or needles as the blood supply held is known to fall during the festive season. Santa might actually reward you
for being such a kind and generous soul and pay a visit with his red - nosed reindeer.

Random Picture of the Day

Christmas 070 copy
Beaut(ies) and the Beast, circa 2006.

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