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Sunday, February 04, 2007


So a week after spending 40 minutes queuing for a plate of Cai Tao Kway (Carrot Cake), I decided to test my vitality and patience once again by joining another food queue. This time round, it's a long, slow moving queue for a table at the IT diner of the moment, Astons Specialties.

After reading rave reviews, especially about the ieat Superburger, from the ieat blog, the usual crew of weekend makan kakis decided to find out what's all the hype is about.

Ashtons is a no frill eatery, with a capacity of 36 seats.

At 6:40pm, there were close to 20 prospective patrons ahead of us in the queue.

After slightly more than an hour of queuing, we finally got our table. While waiting for
the star of the night to arrive, we helped ourselves to some delicious finger food.

*Drum rolls* The star of the show, ieat Super Burger! Look at the size of this baby,
makes the Carls Junior burger looks like a er..... junior. The size of the burger got some
us debating over how to consume the burger. Ooof and I were adamant on eating it as
a whole while BM and Dog decided to slice it into half. Wuss!

Astone 011 copy
Cutlery and burgers shouldn't go together!

How to eat an ieat Superburger

Astone 009 copy
1) Look

Astone 006 copy
2) Bite

Astone 008 copy
3) Pose

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 7:20 PM


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