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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Feb 14

Feb 14 came and went away, just like that.

Wanted to spread some love by donating platelets at the Blood Bank, but was turned away due to the sore throat I was nursing. Shouldn't have taken so much chips over the weekend. Not to forget the pineapple tarts, chocolates and oh oh, the chicken masala too.

Dejected, and with plenty of time on my hand, I decided to explore the off-beaten side of Chinatown.

Hard to imagine that a building with such aesthetically pleasing architecture exist in Chinatown. It's actually situated near the temporary Chinatown market. Too bad it's a private residential, or else I would had headed in for more photo opportunities.

How many of you actually know that there's a park in Chinatown?

Spot the red "No trespassing" sign at the right of the picture? Given the dearth of human activity, you wouldn't disagree with my initial suspicion that some kind of zombie laboratory is housed at the top of the slope. Upon closer inspection, it's actually a water catchment area. Or a cesspool where zombies frolic under the moonlight.

The view from the top of Pearl's Hill City Park.

The tentacles of the monster that dwells in the park.

Path of uncertainty.

Look! The air molecules are playing at the slide!

After the exhausting hike at the park under the sweltering heat, my instinct led me to one place I know best, the People's Park Food Centre.

Notice the activity? There are all queuing for bak kwa. Not any ordinary bak kwa, it's Jin Hua Yuan bak kwa!

Yes, another queue. Altogether now, and say....


Interesting sight. A big bunch of International School Kids soaking in the festive spirits.

Ended the Chinatown trip with a custard bun, or affectionately known as G Si Lou (Pig Shit Roll in Cantonese) that more than make up for the earlier disappointment for not being able to donate blood.

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