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Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Spring cleaning is a back breaker"

Ooof's nick was spot on, Spring Cleaning is indeed a back breaker.

When I told my friends that I took 3 days leave to clean my room, all of them thought I was pulling their legs. Some even wisecracked that I'm bloody rich, since I need 3 days to clean my vast room. Yeah yeah, if I'm bloody rich, I would had hired some one else to clean it for me.

Anyway, hope all readers are done with their spring cleaning. Happy Chinese New Year! Be good, and eat less pork.

(Not so) Random Picture of the Day

And I took one bloody day to sort out my CD collection. By a rudimentary calculation, I owned around 400 CDs which amount to...... 8,000 bucks! Holy Shit! That amount of money could have provided for my driving lessons (and the subsequent re-tests) and also foot the down payment of a car. DAMN YOU, RECORD MOGULS!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 6:51 PM

Anonymous bing had this to say:

WOW, 3 days!! haha eh i took one day only, plus there was major furniture shifting lol...
anyway, thats why body ache didn't go away, too shiong already :p


Blogger Stormtrooper's Lackey had this to say:

3 days and a body ache later, my room is still in a bloody mess! Ha ha.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you!


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