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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Ethnic Chic Costume Design Competition. What's that, no fricking clue.

With no bloody idea over what was happening, I went down to support 031 and yyy, who were modeling some costumes that the former designed with her friend.

Bumped into rs and her beau, Tong How. And her two balloons.

Onto the event itself, apparently it's some kind of new age interpretation of ethnic costumes, with models showing the wares on a runway. So Chichi.

Aye this model, who was sporting a headpiece reminiscent of those worn by African tribeswomen, was sporting enough to strike a pose when she chanced upon me stealing a shot of her. More on her later.

The only guy among the models. Respect. Notice the guy in shades sitting among the audience? Don't you think he looks like one of the Soler's member? Just don't ask me which one does he resembles.

The quartet of 14 years old, who were behind this particular design. Isn't it enviable to be young, and pursuing something that you are passionate about?

I think it was 031 who commented that she looks like a character from wuxia flick.

Wuxia character or not, personally I felt she was overshadowed by her team mate shown above, who oozed so much class and elegance. heart still skips a beat whenever I think of her.

Look at how sexy her dress is. Adds a whole new twist to the traditional kebaya.

Fashion 316 copy
With so much eye candies on display, I was almost in danger of losing track of my purpose of visiting this event., which was to ogle at pretty gals! support Team Four Seasons!

Miss 031, representing either Spring or Autumn (I was inebriated by the showcase of hot babes by then), modeling her interpretation of an Indian sari.

Miss Summer showcasing a modern Chinese ethnic dress.

Fashion 221 copy
Miss either Spring or Autumn (eSoA), in a modern kebaya dress. Miss eSoA appeared vaguely familiar to me (as do all pretty gals) and throughout the event I was trying to recall where did I graced her presence before. It was only when she removed her wig during an intermission that I realized she was my personal favorite Cosplayer! Before I could ask her for another photo opportunity, she was whisked off to the stage. Sigh.

Fashion 216 copy
yyy's turn to grace the runway. Perhaps she was too absorbed in her interpretation of Winter that she cuts a cold and distant figure. Smile, cio, 笑 more lah!

Team Four Seasons finished as the 2nd runner up in the team category and was rewarded with (I believed) a $1,500 worth of prizes. Congratulation gals!

Remember the gal with the humongous headpiece? With her eye catching outfit and exuberant personality, she naturally became a highly sought-after photo shoot target among the event goers.

While enduring a incessantly long wait for my turn to have a shot taken with her, I was trying to conjure up with something intelligent to say to her during the imminent photo shoot.

When I finally stood besides her, I summoned the courage and asked.............

"How do you manage to keep your headpiece intact after all this while?"

Which she replied:

"I don't know, I'm not the designer."


Damn! I should had asked for her number instead! 小姐,小姐,你什么号码啊?

Ethnic Chic Costume Design Competition. Still no fricking clue on what's that. I just know it's an event where pretty gals are plentiful.

(Credit: The better taken photos were courtesy of yc aka Mr.X.)

PS: If I sounded like a hum sup loh in this post, blame my hormones.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:16 AM

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