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Monday, March 12, 2007

Random Ejaculations

With the trend of having low sugar versions of canned beverages showing no signs of abating, the day when you are able to order, "Coke ji puey, sui dai." is not as distant as it seems. Oh wait...there's Coke Lite.
(If you are confused by the terminology used, kindly refer to this.)

I would advise caution if you are intending to order Coke Lite using the phrase mentioned above. Given how unpredictable some of the people in the F&B line are, you never know when they might erupt just like how this kitchen staff at The Soup Spoon killed his superior (bless his soul) over some work related dispute.

Still on that incident, my brother and I did a double take when we first heard the news over the radio. We were initially amazed by how the alleged murderer managed to perpetrate the crime using...a spoon, until we realized that the restaurant does indeed has other cutlery.

Another killing that grabbed the headlines over the past week was the gang killing at One Fullerton, which is just a stone throw away from where I work. It's no wonder that the office feels a tad eerie at night. Damn, I should use this as a reason to stop working OT.

The Picturehouse is fast becoming a favourite haunt of mine. Weeks after catching the brilliant Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson, I made another trip back there to immerse myself in The Lives of Others, which garnered an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

So is The Lives of Others any good? The fact that I, someone not particularly emotional, almost teared at the last scene of the movie is probably the best praise I can lavish at the show. Then again, I also almost teared after watching The Mount of Zu (蜀山传) because it was the worst fucking craptecular movie I watched in my life. Sorry for digressing. The ending of The Lives of Others must be one of the most poignant moment in celluloid history, and I believe that scene alone is worth the entry fee.

Random Picture of the Day

Picturehouse, I heart. (Can't bloody believe I actually typed "I heart". Oh, the travesty!)

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