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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Random Ejaculations

The 20th Singapore International Film Festival concluded its run yesterday, and I'm proud to say that I have contributed 20 bucks to their coffer by attending 2 screenings. Not knowing what to expect, Yc (my partner in crime) and I walked into the theatre hoping to be surprised. And surprised we were. The first movie, M, features this lonely Japanese housewife who spreads her leg more often that I spread butter on my toast, whose life got entangled with that of a disturbing twisted young chap who enjoys going around stabbing people. And the ending, while it wasn't as profound and incomprehensible as David Lynch's Mulhollad Dr, it certainly left most in the audience scratching their heads.

On my god! 96.something something! 96.something something!

"World Rallies for Darfur Action", as reported by major news agencies over the weekend. However, how many Singaporeans even know where in the world is Darfur, much more about what actually happened there? Read more about what happened in Darfur here.

Yeah! The Cheer Chen's concert DVD is coming out afterall. Should I plonk down 100 bucks for the limited edition? Hmmm..


Some food proprietors are raking in more money per month than I do in a year, judging by the taxes they pay. This got my enterprising mind into action. Since the likelihood of starting a chain of porn video stores seem more remote by the day, why not come up with the next killer food idea that will attract queues longer than that you'll see outside that Chongpang lottery outlet during the annual angpao lottery.

Looking at the piece of fat kong bak wedged between the traditional chinese man tou, an epiphany struck me, probably just like how Einstein came up with the E=mc² formula while having his fix of alphabet soup. With all the hype on fusion food, it's a crying shame that no one thought of smacking a piece of succulent kong bak between two hamburger buns. Imagine all the endless possibilities; Sichuan Kong Bak burger, Tom Yam Kong Bak burger, Cajun Kong Bak burger and the sure to be crowd favourite Kway Chup Kong Bak burger! Come on, I need to speak to a venture capitalist asap!

4 years ago, I passed my Basic theory test. 4 years later, my advanced theory license lapsed and I am still no way closer to that Class 3 license. At this rate, even Zoe Tay's kiddo (the one still in her womb) might get the Class 3 sooner than I do. At least, according to this T-shirt, I will be destined for great things!

In my opinion, Michael Jackson, minus the whole bleached his skin, dangled the baby, getting touchy-feely with little boys side of him, is one of the greatest ever performer of our time. This pair of newly wed were probably huge enough fans, to stage a Thriller dance routine at the reception of their wedding. Wicked. Being the huge Wubai fan that I am, don't be surprised if this dance sequence appears at my wedding.

Wait...I'm not doing my chances of getting hitched any good, am I?

Combat global warming by watching Captain Planet!

Happy Labour Day! May all expectant mothers have a smooth delivery!

(Not so) Random Youtube video of the Day


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