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Monday, May 07, 2007


A much needed clean up of my phone memory card means that you visual creatures are in for a treat.

Zam Zam! Wolfed down this huge serving of murtabak at the over a month ago. Yum~

Farewell CSS buses. Soon, these familiar orange buses will cease operation. Although I have forgotten when was the last time I boarded one of these brightly colored buses, the fond moments of collecting those brightly colored bus tickets still remained deeply etched in my memories.

Gigantic crowd to match the gigantic floor space of the recently opened Giant at Tampines.

Must be one of the most tasty bowl of yam paste I have tasted. Shame about the cake of oil at the surface though.

Free food plus the chance to leave work at 5:45pm meant that it was a no-brainer to attend this event.

Jaws, the classic villain from 007, would absolutely love this dish.

A tasty bowl of ramen. All 15 bucks of it.

The rather authenticated Japanese eatery, complete with a TV showing NHK news. The food must be pretty good too, given that half of the patrons that night were Japanese businessmen. After footing the bill, we were pretty livid that a 1% cess charge, which was to be paid to STB, was levied on our total bill. Getting ripped off like bloody clueless tourists in your own backyard, that's a Uniquely Singapore experience!

Unable to secure seats at the incredibly packed Timbre, we ended up tucking into a tub of gelato at Venezia Gelateria, located at the Singapore Arts Museum. Pretty decent ice cream, with additional points awarded for its affordability.

The adorable boy, whom I sacrificed 8 Saturday mornings for. (Actually its only 7 Saturdays, I spent the other one with my bum glued to the toilet seat)

As you can see, I'm not really adept at this whole cam-whoring business. Let's try again...


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