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Sunday, June 24, 2007

GST Hike

Whenever there's a sales going on, rationality becomes a scarce resource.

For a moment yesterday, I thought there is a new donut outlet at Takashimaya. Doing a double-take, I realized the snaking queue comprised of some extremely loaded shoppers waiting to step foot into the Louis Vuitton boutique. Let me type it again, the snaking queue comprised of some extremely loaded shoppers waiting to step foot into the Louis Vuitton boutique. Holy cow, the economy must be on a major upswing at the moment. Who knows, we may one day have a LV index which monitors the state of the local economy by observing the length of the queue outside the Takashimaya's LV boutique, just like the Big Mac index.

If it's already difficult enough to exercise rationality during sales season, imagine what it is like now with the impending 2% hike in GST this coming July. Just last week, in order to avoid the impending GST hike, I expended over a grand to upgrade my computer, leading to a severe cashflow crunch. Doing my sums after the purchase, the GST savings amounted to a princely figure of...... $30. Woah.

I reckon that the impending GST hike can be such a potent rationality buster that one might even be able to peddle a bra to a male shopper.

Bra Promoter (BP) : Sir, you want to buy bra?

Male Shopper (MS) : Er...I have no need for it leh...

BP : Maybe you will develop some man boobs next time mah.

MS : Choy, mine all muscles. You want to touch and see or not?

BP : Hah, no lah. Joking only. But now hor, got 20% discount leh! Can buy for your girlfriend mah. We got those lacy kind, ah ma kind, transparent kind, and even the conical kind wore by Madonna.

MS: I don't have a girlfriend leh.

BP: You got hear of the Cinderella story or not?

MS: Er, yea...

BP: Good good. Then you should buy our bra. Whoever can fits swee swee into this bra confirm is your significant half.

MS: But.. but.. The bra you are showing me is an A cup leh. You know, I prefer my women to be a little..hur know lah..well stocked..hur hur

BP: Eh..but if you buy it now, you can beat the GST hike leh. Save on 2% taxes!

MS: Yeah, you have a point. Give me two then.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 8:37 PM

Anonymous Kai had this to say:



Blogger Stormtrooper's Lackey had this to say:

Hah. Better do all your shopping before the (un)lucky 7% beckons. Enjoy your last week of freedom~


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