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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please be my friend!

There was this story published a fortnight ago on Sunday Times on how this pair of sisters collect online friends for a hobby. On the last count, they managed to add over 16,000 friends on social networking websites like the Friendster and MySpace.

Over 16,000!? That is more than 80 times the number of "friends" I have on my Friendster account. After being a member for over 4 years, I thought I have finally made it on Friendster when I breached the 200 "Friends" mark recently. And this was after I begged, bribed, coerced, sweet talked and curry favored before the 200 reluctant souls pitied and added me as their friend.

Let's face it, the playing field isn't level between the sexes. A pout and a few flashes of cleavage will probably garner a (decent looking) girl more friends in a day than I did in 4 years. Sure, I can also pout and squeeze my moobs for the cleavage effect, but that will result in me getting death threats instead of "friend requests". Life isn't fair.

Okay, I'm sore because the two ladies have more online friends than the strands of hair on my head.

(Not so) Random Picture of the Day


Take pity on me and add me as your friend. (Insert puss in boots picture here)

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:17 AM

Blogger lancerlord had this to say:

Ok. Added but I hardly use friendster. :)


Blogger Stormtrooper's Lackey had this to say:

Yeah! One more friend! Hah. How's life Lancerlord?


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