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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random Ejaculation

My food intake over the past week...

Sunday- 2 eggs and 2 kosongs pratas, and a bagus cup of teh tarik

Tuesday - 2 real fertile chilli crabs, cereal prawns, some golden brown deep fried mantous and coffee pork ribs from No Signboard restaurant

Wednesday- Fish head curry, masala chicken, some potato dishes and endless supply of deep fried crackers from Muthu's curry

Saturday- Swiss rosti, roast pork knuckles, crepes with ice cream, calamaris, some spanish fried rice dish from Marche

Sunday- Home cooked pan-fried cow lungs, stewed chicken feet and capped of with a whipped cream laden chocolate frappacino from Starbucks

Die lah! Like that how to breach the 90kg barrier by the year end..

The meal at Marche also generated some conversational gems among my friends, the first being:

Wah Lau, 我们吃了十多块的Swiss Rosti。千万不要跟我的妈妈说,会给她骂死。十多块不懂可以买几粒马铃薯sia。
James, questioning the sound logic of spending so much on a few potatos.

And on the next night at Starbucks:

Alvin: Eh,你们昨天去Marche啊?

James: 没有leh。

Ooof: 你不是跟我们去meh?


Alvin: 他妈的啦!我说Marche leh, 不是买靴!

James:Paiseh, 听错!

Someone once told me that I shouldn't stay in a job just because of the friends around me. All along my friends are the glue that has been holding me together. And now that another one of my good friend has left the company, I guess I should banish the inertia that is holding me back. If you do visit this blog, be known that you will be sorely miss.

Random Stupid Picture of the Day

Korea 242
The evil eunuch illustrating the size of his manhood before it was sheared off.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:23 PM


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