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Monday, December 24, 2007

96.something something

Maybe the dip in the weight over the past year has lulled me into thinking that I'm incapable of reversing the trend. The recent trip to KL has resulted in a gain of *gasps* 2 kg over a 3 days period. However looking back at the stuffs I ate, it is amazing that I only managed to gain 2kg. Let's do a breakdown of the stuffs I had stuffed (pun intended) into my mouth during the trip;

Day 1

Lousy Ramly burger at JB stopover
3 Dunkin Donuts washed down by a sour cup of iced latte
Ban mian, with a clear broth
KL 026
Double scoop of Famous Amos ice creams topped with cookie crumbs
Tze Char at tourist trap
Beef noodles with beef jerky, and the bounciest beef balls I've ever savour!
KL 041
Iced Luo Han Guo and Longan concoction
Potato Chips

Day 2

Continental Buffet breakfast
You Char Kway
Deep fried glutinous rice
Waffles ice cream at Baskin Robbins
KL 044
Kenny Rogers, which sucks
Claypot Rice dinner with 2 slab of stingrays and a plate of cai xin
KL 048
Iced Luo Han Guo and Longan concoction
Fucking delicious Ramly Burger from a stall situated at a busy road junction
KL 050
1 egg and 2 kosong pratas
Potato Chips

Day 3

Dim sum
KL 058
You Char Kway
Egg tart
Century Egg tart
Salted Egg tart
Duck Feet Bao, which was the single most fucking delicious thing I ate in months. Will post the picture once I get my hands on it.
Half pint of Baskin Robbins

Die lah! With only less than 7 days left to the end of 2007, how to lose than extra 6 kg??!

(Note to self: Don't book a hotel that is just a stone throw away from Chinatown for subsequent trips.)

Random Picture of the Day
Reason why cow tongue isn't a delicacy in most countries

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