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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Movie Date

We went to The Cathay to catch a movie after work today. Sitting in a lover's seat, our shoulders barely separated during the screening.

After the movie, we had a simple dinner before strolling together towards the bus stop.

Even the bus journey lasted for about an hour, how I wished it would end....


The above would be ideal if not for....

"We" in the above paragraph represented Ooof and myself. How the hell did we get assigned to a lover's seat is beyond belief.

The movie viewed wasn't some lovey-dovey romcom. If you consider slit throats and severed fingers to be romantic, then this movie is for you. Oh, not to mention the family jewels of one Viggo Mortensen (aka Aragon).

Dinner was indeed simple..simply cold. Moist Carls Junior burger with limp criss-cut fries, that was chilled for the entire duration of the show with the cool air of the cinema while packed in the container better known as my bag.

The bus journey was long and arduous, but somehow provided a nice environment for me to doze off. How I wish the bus would just go on and on like the pesky Energizer battery so I need not get my fat ass off the bus.

Enough bitching, I need to go and air my bag to rid it off the Carls Junior smell.

Random Video of the Day

李泉 - 走鋼索的人

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:05 AM


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