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Saturday, February 16, 2008

14/02/09 - Pursuing the path of happiness

Another Valentine Day came and went without much fanfare. After years of observation, I came to the conclusion that only two group of people will be happy on Valentine Day: the lovebirds and the enterprising businessmen. Even with next Valentine Day a good 360 plus days away, I reckon that it's impossible to find a female companion without the aid of copious amount of alcohol, a blindfold and a few yards of rope. Or does anyone have any visually impaired friend to recommend to me? So I figured that in order to be happy on February 14, I have to be an entrepreneur.

While I deserve a big pat on my back for pursuing the path of happiness, I need to find a promising business idea to invest my time(plenty), money(scarce) and intelligence(what's that?). Peddling flowers, despite its exorbitant sale price and the legion of cai taos (those willingly being fleeced), is unfeasible given the stiff competition. And for someone who can't differentiate chrysanthemum apart from gerbera, asking me to become a florist is akin to asking Edison Chan to head the Anti-Promiscuous Society or Cecelia Cheung to champion for Brazilian waxing.

On the topic of Edison Chan, I must confess that I find the entire scandal to be an exciting and entertaining affair. Being the analytical person that I purport to be in my resume, I analyzed the pictures scandal from different angles
and came away with some important lessons.

1) Smash your hard disk to bits before sending the PC for repair.
2) Backup your important files before smashing the hard disk to bits. Sorry if you took action immediately after reading the 1st point.
3) Shave.
4) And how strong a bargaining chip it is to have pictures of people caught in compromising positions.

Point 4 also serves as the inspiration for my V day business venture. With the advent of digital cameras and camera phones and the penchant of people indulging in cam-whoring, taking Polaroid pictures of lovey dovey couples has gone the way of videotapes and discmans. The beauty of this business concept lies in not having to seek couples' consent on having their pictures, but them snapped in compromising situation. Dispatching photographers to Singaporeans' favourite nighttime picnic spot and snap away at couples enjoying some bananas, abalones and after meal yoga exercise. I'm sure the couples would pay an arm for such artistically taken photos.

So who want to be my business partner come 14/2/2009?

Random Video of the Day




我打电话 约了你 心好急
你会不会 喜欢这发型

我身体你 去哪里 很着急

你好像都 不太理 快换话题
谁能够来 救救我的命
从西门町 到东区 没了捷运

你有美丽的眼 (怎么能抗拒)

给我勇气 给我奇迹
嘿 你是我生命中的精灵

给我勇气 给我奇迹
嘿 不要再收到好人卡的命运

你是一个好人 但是我们不适合
你是一个好人 可是我家住很远
你是一个好人 我想好好读书
你是一个好人 我们真的不适合

我不想当好人 我想跟你在一起
我不想当好人 我想每天接送你
我不想当好人 给我一次机会
我不想当好人 我只想当坏人

881 好人卡 881 好人卡
881 好人卡 881 好人卡
Bye Bye 再见好人卡

*Read this blog post by Zerohero on 好人卡

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:07 PM


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