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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tyw's guide on how NOT to place your order at Subway

Subway Staff (SS): Welcome to Subway! Can I take your order?

Consumer (C): Can I have a Kong Bak Pau?

SS: Er...Sorry Sir, we don't have that at Subway.

C: Okay, how about sardine bun?

SS: We don't have that too. How about our tuna sandwich, it's very tasty.

C: Alright, I will have that.

SS: Your choice of bread, sir?

C: Jiam tao loti.

SS: Sorry sir, we don't have that in Subway.

C: (Grumbles) Delifrance has jiam tao loti... So what do you have?

SS: (Delifrance doesn't have Kong Bah Pao either mah) Sir, you can choose from the list of breads over there.

C: Alright, I will have Hearty Italian then.

SS: Six inch or foot long?

C: What a rude question to ask!

SS: Huh? I'm asking how large do you want your sandwich to be.

C: Oh..I thought you were asking about something else... Six inch it shall be!

SS: All the vegetables sir?

C: All except the Kiam Chye.

SS: Sure. (Kiam Chye!?) How about the sauces?

C: Do you have Thousand Island Sauce?

SS: Sorry sir, we don't have that. You can choose from the sauces listed here. (Thousand Island Sauce?! Why don't you ask for Oyster Sauce, Sesame Oil and a dash of Soy Sauce too?)

C: Okay okay. Sweet onion then.

SS: Would you like to make it a meal?

C: Of course! It wouldn't feel complete without indulging in some greasy fries.

SS: Er sorry sir, we don't serve fries here. Our meal consist of a drink and a choice between 2 cookies or a packet of potato chips.

C: What!? No fries? This place sucks. I'm out of there.

Random Picture of the Day

Bush relishing a bite in the new Kitty Sub.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 6:42 PM


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