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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hey hey taxi

Maybe mandating taxis to stop only at taxi stands while in the Central Business District area isn't such a bright idea after all.

A: That was a marathon meeting! Knn, 3 freaking hours!

B: And lagi sian, now rain big big. Don't know how to go back to office too.

A: Argh, bo bian, think need to take a cab back to the office even as it is just 5 minutes walk away.

After an bitterly chilling 20 minutes wait at the taxi stand, they finally reached the end of the queue and hopped onto a cab..

B: Wah piang uncle, we waited damn long for a cab lor..

Taxi Driver: Aiyah bo bian la. Government says can only stop at taxi stands mah. So now both the cabs and passengers have to queue lor.

A: Tch.. Uncle, we are going to XXX Building. Just down the road only.

Taxi Driver: Ah Di ah, Uncle cannot stop at XXX Building. There got no taxi stand, no driveway also.

A: But uncle, heavy rain leh. Cannot close one eye meh.

Taxi Driver: Government says cannot means cannot. Sorry ah, later I tio or tang 100 dollars, who pay for me.

B: Stupid government. So where's the taxi stand nearest to XXX Building.

Taxi Driver: This one lor.

A & B; ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are getting off then.

Taxi Driver: Wait, that would be $2.50.

A: What for!?

Taxi Driver: You are alighting from my taxi, and you are at the taxi stand nearest to your destination. Now pay up.

A & B: ........

Random Picture of the Day

Crazy Taxi 4, Singapore CBD.

The latest incarnation of the popular arcade game is now set in the garden city Singapore. Try to outwit and outsmart the legion of parking attendants and traffic police as you attempt to pick up and drop off passengers away from the designated taxi stands while in the Central Business District zone!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:18 PM


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