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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

你是我的花朵 演唱会

My first concert was in 1996, a Wubai gig at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for a comparatively measly $35 dollars. 12 years later on and countless of monies spent on concerts, I attended my fourth (or is it fifth) Wubai concert.

Hand on the heart, I admit the Wubai fan in me was on the wane. His recent offerings while decent, was losing the edginess that he has long been associated with. And his latest concert DVD was disappointing, which places too much emphasis on Wubai the idol, and not Wubai the rocker. Understandably, my expectation of the concert was not on the high side. But boy oh boy, he shattered all shards of doubts with a powerful display and reminded me once again why he is the King of Live.

Gopal Gor Bak 万岁!

Wubai, on the cover of his 双面人 album.

Hmm.. are our heads too big or is the shark head too small?

Oops, someone have to feed the shark.

Oops, someone got to eat the shark fin too.

The dance segment was listed as a selling point of the concert. Seriously, it was bloody entertaining watching an out of sync 40 year old William Hung wannabe gyrate to the music. Don't believe me, watch the below clip.

Wubai's music appeals to all age group, even a small kiddo is seen at the concert. However given the unbearably loud sound system, I fear for her sense of hearing.

A surprise came in the form of Wubai belting out Singapore's "national anthem" of 2007, 一人一半 from the movie 881, which created one of the numerous climaxes of the evening.

The Emperor of Rock, working his magic on the crowd.

Bad Shark!

The encore, a mass dance along to the 你是我花朵 song! If you look closely enough, you can see me dancing along like a lunatic with Mr. Shark in my hand. Try to spot Ooof too!

Thank you Wubai for such a wonderful night!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 8:45 PM


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