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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I do not Leopard Crawl to work

"Did you leopard crawl to work today?"

This is the question that most colleagues are dying to ask me but are probably too polite to do so. No I did not go bonkers and show up for work with camo face paint and army fatigues. It's just that out of five work days, I am sporting a crumpled work shirt for four of them. Crumpled enough to make the most seasoned piece of kiam chye looks like a baby's smooth bottom Well, the half glass full practitioners would be galvanized by the fact that at least there is a finely pressed shirt for a day. Sorry Optimistic folks, Friday is a dress-down work day.

Being adept at ironing certainly isn't hard coded in my family genetic structure. My mum can't really iron well and I can't iron to save Iron Man's life......Which is why I decided to seek help from where else but youtube. Our generation (X, Y or is it Z now?) really have it easy. Just google, youtube or wiki your problems and viola, the solutions are delivered right to your monitor. People of yore would have to travel million of miles to the west, with a monkey, pig and sand monk as chaperons, just to get a modern day equivalent of the Dummies' guide.

The video I have found is great except for a small wee problem. The demonstrator is animated and offers chock full of explanations, but everything is in Japanese! Any kind soul is kind enough to translate or subtitle the video for me? I will be eternally grateful and reward you with a lifetime supply of kiam chyes for your effort.

Alternatively, any beautiful ladies out there are willing to iron my clothes for me? I will provide you with a ring, a roof over your head and if you want, get you a cute looking pug too.

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