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Friday, June 06, 2008

16 things that some fat geezer took around 25 years to realize

As promised, my followup to this post.

Yodeling is spelt with a single L. www.theyodelli... DOH!

When the lady whom you are trying to woo suddenly becomes uncontactable, she hasn't been kidnapped. It simply means GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE.

Contrary to popular belief, eating bananas do not aid bowel movement.

The name, Yingying, is the most common name to appear in Chinese / Cantonese drama serials.

Installing a ceiling fan directly under a light source is a surefire way to get epilepsy fits.

Porn is the most powerful genre of cinematic form which transcends gender, cultural, language and all kind of barriers in the world. Well almost all with the exception of the customs.

Getting someone to accept a new genre of music is almost as difficult as getting them to renounce their religious faith.

It takes few years of your formative years to ruin a set of pearly whites. It takes a few years, tooth extractions, metal braces and thousands of dollars to correct it. Go do the sums.

By the year 2015, there will probably be no born and bred Singaporeans playing in the Singapore football team.

There is a jaywalker deep inside everyone of us.

Having a pencil lead embedded in your thigh does not cause harm to the body. Neither does it grant you any supernatural powers ala Spiderman.

How many of the hawker / coffee shop stall assistants who implores you to get out of his or her way by shouting "Sio Ah! ( which roughly means I'm carrying something hot, get out of my way)", is actually holding to something that is remotely hot? The answer is not many.

Michael Jackson did not star in the Planet of the Apes.

Never ask if a lady is having her period. First it's rude and by asking the obvious, it is akin to pasting a "Kick Me" sign on your bottom and invite the opposite party unleash her wrath on you.

8 out of 10 ladies are afraid of cockroaches. The other two rear or snack on them.

Cam-whoring is an innate ability which can't be taught.

Korea 275

(Not so)Random Video of the Day

It's never too late to realize something.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:53 PM


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