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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eason Chan Moving on Stage 11 Concert


This Chinese idiom is probably most apt phrase to describe the concert Even after 2.5 + hours and 30 over songs, I still couldn't get enough of him. KTV favourites like 十面埋伏,阿牛,人来人往,幸福摩天轮,Shall We Talk were not given airtime at the concert, but that did not prevent the 7000 plus strong crowd from lapping up every dance move or notes that he threw at us.

SPH Life's Boon Chan best summed up Eason's allure with the closing line in his review of the concert:

"Chan is a rare singer and showman who delivers genuinely moving music - in the guise of karaoke hits."

Words fail me when I need it, so I will just let the pictures do the talking.

The Tham brothers. I'm trying to find the best angle of my face, despite numerous people suggesting that the back of it looks best.

10 years after my first concert, and I'm finally on the same floor as the stage! And 231 dollars poorer off too :(

The lights dim and the display panel lights up

Eason shrouded behind this red wedding gown

You have heard Eason, the K歌之王,now meet Eason, the Dancing King.


Showing off his dancing chops while singing 谢谢侬。

Where's Eason? Well he's in a position every men (at least myself) would die for.

Dressed up like a Japanese yazuka.

Here come the Jeffrey Chung's models!

Things got too hot that I'm censoring it on my blog. Yeah right, lame excuse for my poor photography skills.

231 bucks for song and dance, and tits and assess. Worth it.

Emo state, while singing one of my favourite song 我们都寂寞.

Dressed in a deceptively dull cloak...

Which blossomed into an spontaneous assault of colours

The hip hop guru, armed with cane and all

Stand up for Eason Chan, do the best you can.

Edmund Leung, who appeared from the crowd to perform half a song.

Eason's little gal. She is damn cute la. Uh oh, shouldn't be saying this especially after this.

The next day was Eason Chan's birthday and the concert goers serenaded him with their birthday wishes.

A goodbye wave from him after singing the last song for the night, 与我常在。


After a short respite at the washroom, we lingered around the carpark area behaving like some teenage groupies. Our wait were rewarded when he showed up and shooked our hands!! Woot! I touched the hand of Eason Chan!! The same hand he probably use to wipe his ass... Erm..

Honestly, he doesn't need to do that. But he was real appreciative for the warm support we showered towards him and it showed. He took the effort to shake every outstretched hands, said words of thanks, and signed every autograph books thrust towards him. Despite some of the negative publicity he received over the years, I'm touched by his humility and affection towards his fans. Thumbs up to you, Eason!

Oh his mother waved at me too! Haha!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:42 PM


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