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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hulk Smash!

Not content with making my blood piss boil in the waking hours, it has wormed its way into my dreams and leave me puzzled over the significance of its cameo in my dreams.

It's not the Boogie Man, or Loch Ness monster, it's the god damn world class transportation system that our nation boast to operate. The other night I dreamt of the ERP, yes the sameunsightly gantries that our own prime minister poked fun at, being erected a few short distance away from my house.

Oh great, not another stupid ERP joke. But wait wait, I believe that some higher being is trying to send me a message, to fulfil destiny. Just that I'm unable to decipher the true meaning behind the ERP dream. Am I supposed to fulfil the prophecy and be the chosen one to erect an ERP gantry at Pedro Branca, or lead a vigilante movement to tear down all the ERP gantries on the island?

If dictated by recent events, the latter scenario seems more probable. Public transports are getting increasingly crowded as a result of the spillover of drivers forsaking their cars. There is not a single day whereby I won't get jabbed in the ribs or back area by commuters trying to squeeze their way into the trains. I can live with being squeezed and whiffing in the BO of others if the train rides are fast and smooth, but in reality the train rides are anything but smooth. The rides are so jerky that I reckoned Singaporeans will soon boast the strongest thighs and calves muscles in the world given the daily balancing acts they engaged in while on the train.

The malaise is not only confined to the train system. Last Friday after work, I was at the bus stop along the newly ERP enhanced Fullerton road waiting for bus 10 to take me to Old Airport Hawker Centre. What usually took 10 minutes turned into a 45 minutes test of patience as two sardine cans whizzed past without stopping. If not for the fact that my friend is already at the hawker centre, and more importantly I have a game of mahjong later that night (thou shalt not do evil deeds before a mahjong game), I would have stood my friend up and headed home...via the MRT trains. In hindsight, maybe that night was an exceptional case. Maybe people were heading towards the Esplanade to catch the works. Maybe the commuters wanted to tune into TV mobile to catch the table tennis bronze medal match.

Maybe...they ought to revamp the whole fucking transportation system!

Random Picture of the Day

Thank god I'm not Hulk or I gonna smash all your pussy buses and trains!!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 7:48 PM


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