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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We are lay-dy!

What an irony. The Olympics is an global event celebrating the sporting culture, yet it is turning millions into couch potatoes. And of course, being the king of couch potatoes, I was naturally in the thick of the Olympics action. Usain Bolt smashing the 100m world record ro Michael Phelps amphibian like performances in the pool, I have witnessed all of it. Heck, I even woke up at 730am on a Sunday morning just to catch the ladies's marathon. And how exciting it proved to be, I even managed to catch the world record holder Paula Radcliffe taking a pee break at the roadside. Heh.

In spite of amassing an impressive hours of TV time, I was kicking myself after realizing that I missed out the following two events!

Courtesy of the BBC website's Live Olympics update, which has proved to be my favorite application at workplace, overtaking the leave planner and the payslip database:

0314: This just in from one of the major press agencies in Beijing - and I quote:

"The New Zealand hockey manager has been banished from the field at a
crucial men's match because officials objected to his players' underwear.
Kevin Marr was ordered to watch the must-win match against Germany from
the grandstand as punishment for three players wearing black undies
beneath white shorts in an earlier match."

The article goes on to suggest that Olympic dress codes demand players'
underwear match their shorts. Who decided that? What did they envisage
might happen if that rule didn't exist?

Jade Seah uttering Fuck on air. Ooh baby..

If only I have 6 pairs of eyes and 60 days of leaves, I could had catch them all!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:14 PM


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