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Sunday, September 07, 2008



相公: 娘子,再多一个月就庆中秋了。

娘子:哇! 我可不知相公你精通天文学!相公你真厉害阿!




娘子: 难道。。 **捏**

相公: 啊!! 娘子你为何捏我啊?

娘子: 我再三提醒你不要吃那么多兔子肉了。你看,现在它们的冤魂藏上身了!


娘子: 那么。。你又如何知道即将庆中秋呢?

相公: **从大衣里拿出一叠纸** 你看, 钱庄最近寄来了一些有关中秋月饼的布条。 我对这个东波肉口味月饼还蛮有兴趣的呢。还有八折优惠呢,多划算。

Here's a translation for the Red Hair Monkeys (Ang Moh Gaos), and those who are bleeding from the eyes after reading the above atrociously written chinese text.

Somewhere in ancient China...

Man: Wifey, we are a month away from the Mid-Autumn festival.

Woman: Woah, I didn't know you know astrology! I'm so impressed with you hubby!

Man: Nope, I am not verse in the skill of reading the stars.

Woman: I know! Chang-er must had relayed dreams to you! Did she mention whether are there any lifeforms on the moon too?

Man: No leh, Chang-er didn't appear in my dreams.

Woman: Then.. *pinch*

Man: Ouch!!!! What was that for!?

Woman: Told you not to eat so much rabbit meat liao! See la, now the rabbit spirits are haunting you in your dreams liao.

Man: Siao ah! I didn't dream of rabbits lah.

Woman: Huh? Then how you know Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner?

Man: *fishes out some paper from his robe* The finance companies are sending out their promotional materials on mooncakes mah. Eh how ah, think I want to buy this Dong-bo meat filling mooncake leh. Got 20% discount somemore.

Here's my prediction for next year, credit cards companies will soon offer discount for joss papers and Wang Wang biscuits for the Hungary Ghost festival.

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