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Friday, September 05, 2008

In tears...

It must had been one of the most torrid weeks I have endured. Hope quickly dissipated into gloom as the transfer window closed and news of Keegan resignation started to surface.

My heart skipped a beat when I first chanced upon the rumour on while in the office. My heart hoped it was the same old shit stirring by the media again, but as the trickle of news turned into an avalanche, I knew it was for real.

Tuesday night was spent glued in front of the monitor trying to scour for the latest news of the managerial turmoil at my beloved club. Bedtime came without any light shed at the impasse but hope came in the form of a club statement which I read on Wednesday morning, claiming that Keegan has not resigned or was he fired by the club.

Over the next two days, like a next of kin of a critically ill patient, I was filled with cautious optimism that maybe a resolution can be reached between the board and Keegan. But alas, it's all false hope as he tendered his resignation on the ground that the board undermined his authority at the club.

You may find it laughable while I'm getting so worked up over a man and a football club. I don't know how to quantified my affection for this football club. But the feeling is like seeing your childhood sweetheart cheat on you with four other guys and get impregnated by a fifth guy. The feeling sucks, but because of your undying love for the gal, you end up fathering the child as your own.

I'm despondent....maybe I should get a real girlfriend and forget about the club...

Yeah right.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:41 PM


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