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Sunday, October 05, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

In recent days, I have become a proponent of energy conservation to minimize the harmful effect of global warming.

It wasn't due to watching the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which according to those who have viewed it painted an accurate but grim picture of the effects that our abuses have on planet earth.

No, it also wasn't due to me sitting in front of my monitor watching re-runs of Captain Planet on youtube. In fact, a good part of my weekend was wasted watching videos of Steven Lim delivering monologues, acting, singing and even dancing in his underwear. It's like gawking at the aftermath of car crashes, morbid but yet strangely captivating.

What did it for me was the announcement of the 21% hike in tariff charges on our electricity bills over the next three months. Ever since picking the tab on my household's utility bills at the start of the year, my heart would skipped a beat whenever I receive the utility bill. From an initial 200 dollars per month, the amount started creeping up till around 250 dollars for the last bill cycle. With the hike I will be paying close to 300 dollars, which is almost the same amount as the car installments that my brother is financing!

I can live with cold showers, no TV or airconditioning for the next 3 months. But no watching Steven Lim on youtube, that sucks.

Random video of the day

The multi-talented Steven Lim

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 5:08 PM


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