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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kitty hates Frenchies

It appears that the nation's strive towards healthier eating habits extend to its critters population too. About two months ago, my friend and I spotted a thin kitten while having dinner at neighbourhood MacDonald outlet after a gym session. Yes, despite my portly appearance, I do go to the gym. And yes, having MacDonald after a gym session explains my portly appearance.

At the egging of my friend, I decided to provide some nourishment to the anorexic looking kitty. With a flick of the finger, I sent a piece of greasy french fries right in front of the mildly stunned kitty. After spending a moment analyzing the potato stick, the kitty must had remembered about the health education lessons it had at kitty school and left it untouched.

Amazed by the kitty rebuttal, we decided to conduct a little experiment with our new found feline friend. First we fed the kitty with a piece of bun I pinched from my McSpicy burger. After overcoming its initial hesitation, the kitty lapped up the bun. Buoyed by our success, we decided to let kitty try a piece of the yellowish lettuce that garnishes our burgers, which our feline friend devoured with glee.

To make sure that the snub of the french fries wasn't an one off thing, we dangled another potato stick in front of the kitty. Different french fries, but the same result. So it is official, Kitty hates French fries.

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