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Sunday, August 09, 2009



At a Hawker Centre in Bedok

Hawker: 先生,你要吃什么 (Sir, what do you want to eat) ?

Ah Meng: Herm..


At an ongoing mahjong game somewhere in the Woodland

Ah Beng is just one 九筒 (Nine Circle) away from completing the seemingly impossible 十三么 (Thirteen Tile) hand.

Ah Beng: Kin ah, faster discard your tile la..


Over in Geylang

Ah Seng is onto his third durian. Those 3 for 10 dollars kind.

Ah Seng: *suckle suckle*


Back in Bedok

Ah Meng: Mee pok tak, 辣椒多,不要豆... (Mee pok dry, more chilli, no bean spr...)

While somewhere in Woodland

One of Ah Beng's mahjong kaki is just about to discard a mahjong tile.

MJ Kaki: Jiu To..(Nine Cir...)

And Ah Seng is still suckling on his durian seed in Geylang

Ah Seng: *suckle suckle*


*chimes chimes*

At this moment the entire nation grinds to a halt. Its citizen rising to their feet, right fist clenched and placed over their left chest..


We, the citizens of Singapore
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society,
based on justice and equality,
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.


Over in Bedok

Hawker: 先生先生,你没事吧?是不是鬼上身了啊? (Sir, are you alright? Are you possessed?)

Ah Meng: Huh, 你不知道吗?今天National Day, 8:22pm 要讲pledge. (Huh, you didn't know? Today is National Day, we need to recite the pledge at 8:22pm)

Hawker: 我不知道,我从中国来的。(I don't know, I'm from China.)

Back to the Mahjong game at Woodland

Ah Beng: Eh, just now who threw 九筒 (Nine Circle) ah? Who ah?

Mahjong Kakis: Got meh? Forgot liao la. We forgot whose turn is it liao also. Restart!

While over in Geylang

Durian stall customer: Help help! Someone call 995! Someone choked on a durian seed while reciting the pledge just now!


Wishing a Happy National Day to all Singaporeans. If you wish to take part in the pledge moment at 8:22pm, remember to do it under a safe and conducive environment. Majulah Singapura!

Random Majula Singapura mutlimedia of the Day

Pride in our world class transport system.
Picture from our first local voyuer citizen journalism website, Stomp.

Hokkien version of this year National Day song.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:34 AM


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