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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Ejaculations

"Jim bought some chocolates and gave half of it to Ken. Ken bought some sweets and gave half of it to Jim. Jim ate 12 sweets and Ken ate 18 chocolates. The ratio of Jim’s sweets to chocolates became 1:7 and the ratio of Ken’s sweets to chocolates became 1:4. How many sweets did Ken buy?"

This blog hasn't reinvent itself into a tuition blog. Anyway with an url like this, and with more than half the hits coming from people googling the word "wanking", I doubt any parents would allow their kids to visit this site.

So what is a mathematics question doing here? This question, which even stumped some adults (I initially thought it was a riddle), appeared in the recent PSLE mathematics examination. Needless to say, it riled up the parents and even got some kids suicidal, judging from the opening paragraph of this article.

While I understand the need for MOE to maintain the high standard of mathematics proficiency that our country is renowned for, they ought to cut these kids some slack lest they grow up to be depressed and follow the path of our favourite (at least mine) ex beauty queen who had "forgotten" to remove her study notes from her pencil case during one of her term paper.

For the record, I solved the question in about 15 minutes using simultaneous equations, which I believe is a concept still abstract to the average P6 kids.

Shes yellow. With a blue beehive hairdo. And shes posing for Playboy...Mmmm..cartoon porn, must buy.

Marge gracing Playboy mag cover

Simpsons matriarch Marge Simpson is gracing the cover of Playboy magazine, becoming the first cartoon character in the publication's history.

Clicky for full article.


Am I the only person who is angered about NASA crashing two unmanned spacecrafts into the Moon in a bid to detect water-ice?

Firstly, such an act is typical of the American's blatant disregard for other countries culture and belief. It has only been a week since we celebrated Mid Autumn festival, NASA is endangering the lives of Chang'Er and her pet bunny by conducting the crash. I'm somewhat surprised that China has yet to come out to voice their displeasure on this.

Besides stoking flames in the Sino-US testy relationship, it may trigger something more troublesome, something along the line of an inter-galactic warfare. Please oh please, I don't want to wake up one day staring at the newspaper headline of "Moon exploratory forces crashed two manned spacecrafts into Earth in a bid to detect blood"

Random video of the day

心的距离 from Eason Chan's latest studio offering 《上五楼的快活》




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