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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Another stupid joke

My brother heard this joke way back during his army daze. Below is the paraphrase version by yours truely.

One fine day, an alien spacecraft was hovering above a lake when they saw two fellas kayaking. Intrigued by their new discoveries, the aliens decided to carry out some experiment, Futurama Style.

"Row, row, row your boat...."

The humans were singing at the top of their voice as they were neogotiating the meandering lake.

The aliens were thinking, "Hmmm.... What if we zap a quarter of their intelligence?" So they promptly took out their nifty tools and zap the humans' brains.

Surprisely, the humans were now singing at a slighlty slower pace, with a slight slur in their pronounciation.

"Roe... roe... roe... lure boar...."

Amazed by what they just seen and heard, the aliens decided to zap away half of the humans' intelligence this time round.


After a moment of silence, the humans began to sing again. This time round, their rendition of the song were extremely slow, with some weird pronounciations.


The aliens were now getting extremely excited toying with their test specimen. They decided to zap their subjects one final time. This time round, they decided to remove all their intelligence and observe the results.

After an intensified zap from their test probe, the aliens waited with bated breathe for the results of their experiment. A minute of silence later, they heard the humans singing...

"Dayung sampang, dayung, dayung sampang......."

Before i proceed any further, i would like to state that by no means i support or condone any form of racism or bigotry, though i occasionally crack some racist jokes.

Also as a multicultural society, i shouldn't spare our Malay counterparts from some ribbing since i took a dig at the Chinese and Indians last time round. To be fair mah!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:15 PM

Blogger DrenChed in Da RaYnE had this to say:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA... becos! are u mad! hahahaa so funny.. haaa... anw.... with regards to your previous post... paiseh lah me n ruishan were to bz preparing for ying's party ya? and anw... where's mine! becos not fair!!!


Blogger Stormtrooper's Lackey had this to say:

haha, not saying you and rs la. just a general comment k. your present huh?will come will come.....


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