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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another round of banal conversations

This occured during a lecture conducted by the lecturer mentioned earlier in this post

tyw trying very hard to concentrate when James started a conversation....

James: Don't you think the lecturer looks like something...

tyw : herm..what

James: The China icon..

tyw : Chairman Mao?

James: No no... don't you think he looks like a panda??

tyw : tsk tsk... come to think of it, he really looks like one

James: We should offer him some bamboo to stop him from yakking

On the topic of dress code......

James: Eh, you know what's the dress code for next friday alumni event?

FYP Mate1: I asked the contact person and she told the dress code was smart casual.

James: So what's the definition of smart casual?

Ys : Collared shirt and jeans ba.

tyw: And dont forget to wear covered footwear.

James: Knn.. cannot wear t shirt meh. Not like my t shirt got holes or anything. Somemore it's casual enough what.

tyw : Unless your t shirt got the word SMART printed on it...

On the quality of free goods/services

tyw: Eh, you attending this thursday's resume workshop or not huh?

James: Not sure leh, but why are you attending again? Thought you paid some money to attend a resume workshop last time?

tyw: This one different leh, conducted by another person and somemore it's free.

James: Wah, then why are you still attending it. It's obvious the workshop that you paid for is better than the free one.

tyw: It's not true mah. Free stuffs doesnt necessarily means that it's inferior.

James: Yeah yeah, prove me wrong.

tyw: You can't say having sex with a 30 dollars Geylang kuey is better than having sex with Lin Chiling, whom we assume to be your girlfriend

James: No what, even with Lin Chiling, you still need time to develop the feelings and move to the stage whereby you can screw each other.

tyw: 30 dollars Geylang Lao Kuey.

James: Er..heh heh..

At this point of time, two gals moved within close proximity thus curtailing our lively discussion.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:32 PM


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