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Monday, September 11, 2006

Have i told you lately....

Its funny how I managed to come away from the Wubai's concert with my voice intact, and yet succumbed to a bout of flu which robs me off my voice exactly a week after. Guess my retardation is not only confined to the mental state, it also applies to my biological state.

Since the partial loss of voice should not has much of an obstacle to my job search, given that i have zero interviews lined up in the forseeable future, I actually grown to love the husky quality of my voice. It makes me want to sing Rod Stewart's "Have i told you lately".

For those handful of readers who are interested in my quest to reach a 2 digits figure for my weight, I have realized how bloody difficult it is to reduce my Body Mass Index (BMI) to the healthy range as recommended by the Revised BMI published by the Health Promotion Board.

Using some spreadsheet calculation shown below, my current BMI stands at 31.3 which puts me in the High Risk category.


To reach the healthy range, I would need a BMI of 23 and below. To achieve that I would either have to cut my weight by close to 30kg, which would instantly reduce my sale value at the abatoir, or increase my height by close to 30cm to 2.13m! Although it is impossibe, the prospect of the latter option succeeding somehow seems more probable.

(Not so) Random Thoughts of the Day

Five years have since passed, and yet i still can't erase the horrific images that occured on 11/09/01. I hope the world will never have to witness such scenes again.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 8:30 PM


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