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Monday, September 04, 2006

The day after the day after the concert

In a nutshell, the concert was awesome. Kickass kind of awesome. Before posting the pictures and some stealthy taken videoclips, let me share some thoughts and observations on the concert.

Attending a rock concert while nursing a stiff neck is literally a pain in the erm... neck. All the head bobbing only served to aggravate the pain. Ouch.

While heading towards the concert hall, we bumped into City Harvest crowd that had just finished their service. Boy oh boy, the crowd was HUGE. For a moment, I was quaking with fear as i thought a riot had just broken out. But when i remembered that our efficient police force would swoop in when more than FOUR people gathered for "illicit" purposes, i heaved a sigh of relief.

It is during a rock concert like this that i find out how bloody obese i am. Once again, during the head bobbing, hand wavings moment, i realized the fats residing at the tricep areas seem to possess a lifeform of its own, moving in all directions except the one that your hands are heading.

99% of the crowd came for Wubai, which was evident when the crowd erupted to life immediately after Zhang Zhen Yue left the stage.

The crowd consisted of a motley crew, cull from people from all walks of life. Besides the usual yuppies and teenagers, i also spotted a sizeable group of middle aged aunties and uncles among the crowd. Two interesting sightings, an Ang Moh lady with her significant half, and my NTU BF308 tutor, Prof Tan, with with a stylish middle aged lady!! I always felt he was special, but couldn't finger the reason behind the uniqueness. Now i know why, he's an Ah Beng tutor. Hur hur.

To further illustrate the wide reaching appeal of Wubai, the cab driver that drove us home quipped: "小弟啊,你们看伍佰演唱会啊?他的歌不错,特别是他的福建歌.我喜欢他那首<世界第一等>."

During the rare lull moments of the concert, i was actually engrossed in watching the "Reluctant boyfriend accompanying his Siao On girlfriend" couple sitting in front of me. Tsk tsk, it was amusing seeing the girlfriend jumping around while the boyfriend looked on with incredulity, not to mention a slightly bruised ego too.

The Zhang Zhen Yue segment was remarkably lacklustre compared to Wubai's, with the former seemingly just going through the motion. It seemed that reports of him being affected by the suicide of his close female friend, whom he later admitted to fancy, was true afterall. The fact highlighted in point 4 doesn't help too. Its hard to rock the house down when the crowd greet his performance with a splatter of polite applauses. Juxtaposing the two segments, Zhang Zhen Yue's seemed like a lengthy lukewarm opening act that overstayed its welcome. Harsh but true.

Then again during the slow emotional numbers like 爱我别走, one could sense that he was pouring his heart and soul into delivering it. Hope he will rebound from it soon and bring us more of his irrevent brand of music.

Speaking of irrevent, the special guest MC. Hotdog was a HOOT. He managed to steal the show from Zhang Zhen Yue even though he performed a mearge five songs. It was simply priceless to see him lead the young uns(me inclusive) in the crowd to howl: "我的生活,FUCKED UP!" when the older generation looked on with disapproval. Tsk tsk.

Back to point 4, majority of the 7000 strong stood up when it was Wubai's turn to rock the house. The rare few, stubbornly remained glue on their seats. There was this lady, sitting a few seats to my right, showed little movements that i suspected that she was in a comatose.

The crowd started to surge infront when Wubai started his segment. The police had to be called in as the event staff were simply inadequate in handling the situation. I swear that a riot would break out if the police didn't step in swiftly.

Speaking of the police, i saw of the men in blue mouthing the lyrics to one of the Wubai's songs while keeping watch over the zealous crowd. Salute!

While i thoroughly enjoyed the concert, it was regrettable that Wubai only managed to belt out 17 songs while omitting many of his Hokkien numbers. Hope he will return for a full length concert in the near future.

Enough yakking, here're are the multimedia as promised.

tyw and yaohui, owner of 夜的诗人.

The crowd started to fill in.

Zhang Zhen Yue performing his first number, 改变.

Zhang Zhen Yue, in a pensive and reflective mood.

MC Hotdog in the house!!

The first sighting of the Emperor of Rock, Wubai.

Compare the reactions of the crowd to that of the Zhang Zhen Yue's segment.

Look at how pumped up the crowd was. Come to think of it, the guy on the left doesn't look exactly Chinese...

Spotted the police?

WHEE!! I'm featured on!

Feel the electricity of the crowd!

The very getai-sque grand finale, taken by yaohui.

PS:Because i'm in a good mood, i have updated the "(Not So) Random Countdown to Wubai and Zhang Zhen Yue's concert", with MTVs and live recordings for the following posts:

Ding Tai Feng
Think Happy Thoughts
Look Mum! No Porn!
And so it is

Random Picture of the Day

Count the number of balloons in the sky and win a date with tyw. Only pretty gals can take part.

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