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Monday, September 18, 2006


I was pretty amazed when I read that a typhoon is wreaking havoc in Japan. No, I wasn't tickled by the fatalities and damages caused by the typhoon (bless their souls) but rather at the name of the typhoon. The typhoon is named Shanshan, which has the sounds like the name of my friend SanSan. The irony is that while the Shanshan is destructive and volatile, SanSan is anything but that.

However I got to admit, having something named after oneself is really cool. Imagine I have a natural phenomenon named after myself, and I can get the cheap thrills of reading headlines like “Typhoon Yingwai wreaks havoc in the Artic” or “Mount Yingwai erupts and puts World Porno Convention in jeopardy”.

I would however give all that up to have a disease named after myself. To date, most diseases are either coded named (HN51) or named after the scientist who discovered it (Parkison’s disease). So it’s going to be a tall order unless I succumb to some new form of virus and the kind folks in the medical world decide to name the new strain of virus after yours truly. If it happens as planned, I can visualize such grandiose headlines like “National Serviceman died of a bout of Yingwaicitis after living a promiscuous lifestyle”.

Random Statistic of the Day

A new week, a new weigh in. After some vigorous workout at the gym, the weighing scale indicated 106.38kg when I was trampling over it. Slightly lesser than the 107kg recorded in the aftermath of The Battle of Dim Sum Follies, but still .38kg heavier than what I would like.


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