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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Random Ejaculations

Ah.. the return of the much loved but rarely used post title. My eyes are welling up just by seeing the post title. *sniff*

A day after yyy asked me when am I getting a girlfriend, the SDU membership package arrived in my mailbox. How apt.

A week of two extremes. In what started of as a Lang Suay, Qi Jiao Bian Gong Kuay kind of a week, it turned into a Lang Heng, Qi Jiao Bian Lao En (人旺,养鸟变老鹰) week as there was a palpable upturn in fortunes. Finally some good news were received pertaining to the job hunt process and the week ended off with a winning return to the mahjong table, in which I displayed a rare midas touch in whatever tiles I drew.

Speaking of that mahjong game, X and I were severely traumatized by the strings of "OH MY GOD!!" that rs let out when she discovered the unconventional sexual tendency of one of her male colleague.

OH MY GOD!!!! I actually heard a Cantonese song being played in its entirety on national radio!OH MY GOD!!!! Justin (侧田)'s Volar must hold the honor of being the first Cantonese song played on our airwaves since the days when Alan Tam was still 25 years old.....Wait, he's still 25 isn't he?

Using the ubiquitous Starbucks as a meeting place in nation's largest shopping mall Vivocity is a recipe for disaster. I thought X donned the invisible cloak until we realized we were waiting for each other at different Starbucks outlets in the same building. Why do we need so many coffee joints in this country?

If you enjoy a mind bender of a movie, go catch Prestige. It got more twists than a pack of Twisties. If you seriously want to get mind fucked, either go buy, steal, rob, borrow or even prostitute yourself for a DVD of the Memento. It makes the twist at the end of Sixth Sense looks like a kid's play.

Still on the topic of movies, it would be extremely sad if Japan disappears from the world map as depicted in Sinking of Japan. Where the hell then, can I get my fix of artistic videos?

And lastly for those who are still bothered, I'm 105kg now. 5 less kgs to a 2 digits weight. WOOT!!!!

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