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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lang Suay, Qi Jiao Bian Gong Kuay (人衰,养鸟变公鸡)

A week after Phuan taught me the aforementioned phrase, I truly understand how it is like to be "Lang Suay, Qi Jiao Bian Gong Kuay".

The phone is finally ringing....only with financial planners on the other line pitching their services. They definitely like challenging themselves by managing the financial plan of someone without any income streams.

Health wise, I have been succumbing to the flu bug ever since I left the army. Whether if is it due to the haze, a weak immune system or the stuffs that they put in SAF water, I definitely want to snap out of this vicious cycle.

The theme of "Lang Suay, Qi Jiao Bian Gong Kuay" even extends to the mahjong table, when X, Theresa and Nanli popped over for a game last night. Bear (groans!) with me as this part will get a bit overwhelming for non-mahjong players.

Actually literally changing your Jiao ( 鸟 which commonly refers to the unfancied one bamboo tile) for the Gong Kuay (公鸡 which represents the bonus flower tile) in a game of mahjong is something to cheer about, but that's not the point here. The point is that I had one of the worst game in my life (of course besides this one) and I even had to borrow chips from X after my initial allocation was wiped out at the end of 2 rounds.

Tiles kept hounding me like persistent insurance agents. In one game, I discarded the 北 tile only to draw it back for 2 consecutive turns. In another game, the strategy called for a game of 平湖 (a winning hand involving tiles formed in sequential order without any flower tiles) as 10 flower tiles were already drawn by other players at the start. However the tiles I had were mostly in pairs with a big gap between them (11,55,88 kind of tiles), literally leaving me with little chance of forming a winning hand for a 平湖.

When I finally managed to 听牌 (one tile away from winning) for 平湖 on a separate game with a 七八等六九筒 (waiting for the 6 or 9 circle to win), Nanli so happen to 碰 (Pong, a play where 3 of the same tiles are gathered) away both the 六and 九筒 leaving me with a set of useless tiles. In yet another game, Theresa had to 杠 (Gang, a play where 4 of the same tiles are gathered) away the 七万 ("7 millions" tile) which was crucial to forming my 平湖 hand.

While the grand idea of emulating Li Nanxing's character 彦飞 in 双天至尊 (The Unbeatables), who managed to win the ownership of a casino with a borrowed 10 dollars note, to make a killing with my borrowed chips fell way short of its target, I would like to thank my mahjong kakis for accomodating to my request of extending the mahjong game thus enabling me to recoup a tiny wee bit of my losses.

悲哀,悲哀啊! 人衰啊,养鸟也会变公鸡啊!!

(Not so) Random Picture of the Day

The pitiful state of my mahjong earnings

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 7:09 PM


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